Reuse, Reduce, Upcycle.

At some point we will need to stop. Stop producing new materials to make new products. Can we maybe make something out of already existing materials?

The Spell and Rebel Coconut-bowls are made out of residue from Sri Lankan coconuts used for cooking.

Our coconut farmer collects coconut shells from his own, his brothes and his friends plot. And then he turns the rough looking coconuts into amazing coconut bowls, perfect for smoothie and pokebowls.

Natural and kind.

The coconut bowls are 100% natural and only polished with fabric, NO chemicals.

good for us and good for the invironment.

Slow is the way to go!

We are only going to use the coconuts shells that today is wasted. Coconuts ment for cooking and more.

We want the coconut bowls to maintain an upcycling product and not the opposite.

Even if the request gets higher, we are not going to ask for more then the farmer is using today. 

     Night wear



Spell and Rebel is a slow growing Swedish kids brand with passion for details. We offer handmade items for adventurous, playful and exploring kids and babies.

Be a part of the spell and rebel adventure.

A tribute to Swedish midsummer. 

Flowers, never ending days, lush greenery, thousand miles of beaches and the whole summer ahead of us .

Spell and Rebel teamed up with The Sleepy Collection and created the most dreamy upcycled midsummer collection containing handmade and unique nightwear, blankets, blankies and kaftans for kids and babies.

Hand dyed batik

A couple of white and soft nightwear and blankets got a summer transformation inspired by majestic sunflowers and summer smelling lavender.