"Spell and Rebel is a family owned lifestyle store for adventures, playful and exploring kids & babies. We offer a selection of handpicked goodies together with our own handmade signature products"


The Spell and Rebel family is just an ordinary or maybe unordinary family consisting of one mum ( me ) one dad, one tiny rebel named BEN, one slightly bigger rebel named JUNI SPELL and baby rebel ALBA.

We are always looking for adventures. Mostly in the daily life but sometimes we go big and one time we went on a 3 month trip to Asia and thats when the kaftan happened.

The kaftan is an invention based on "the lack of space" we were facing before our trip. We wanted to bring some beach garments for the kids. Something light, absorbing, and of course cool looking that they could run around with, without us parents constantly re attaching the robes. The kaftan was born and now we can't imagine our life without it!

So as you might have guessed, or maybe not.. The Spell and Rebel business just happened somewhere between the small adventures in everyday life and the big dream about backpacking through Asia.

I created stuff for my kids that I liked & wanted and suddenly other people like you guys started to ask about those items. I got a HUGE confidence boost and before I even realized what I was up to, I had a company name and costumers buying my creations.

What a DREAM come true right!? / Jessica