PULP is  a small design studio/workshop in Rhode Island, USA. Pulp sells thoughtfully designed, responsibly sourced and ethically made hats, bags and more—small batches printed and sewn by hand.

Pulp are enjoying the thoughtful, handmade process of design and they work tirelessly to bring you the most beautiful product there hands can make. Pulp promise you an item that has been made consciously and with great care taken not to exploit any person or waste any natural resource. No one should be expected to purchase an item without knowing where it came from.

True to there name, they care about what each of there products is made of, down to the very fiber, and pulp believe in creating as little waste as possible.

Pulp is hundred percent ethical, responsible, toxic free, and all natural makers. They source only the finest organic (GOTS Certified) fabrics from a small family farm in Northwest Texas, USA.