Susukoshi was founded by Maggie and Eve, two mothers from Melbourne in Australia with big dreams and honest goals.  As their own children grew up, they needed comfortable yet beautiful clothing that was sustainable and also affordable.  Inspired by their little ones they created a label that is not only would address the needs of what they wanted for their children, but also something they felt many parents could relate with and would appreciate.

For their love of Japanese design and architecture, and the detail, simplicity, functionality and quality associated with this, they decided to name their brand Susukoshi.  The word sukoshi means little in Japanese.  This means that Susukoshi are not at all about mass producing and just selling.  Every single detail, fabrics and colour are carefully hand picked.

Susukoshi is all about basic seasonless apparel for baby and toddlers with design conscious behind each garment produced.  Each piece is designed to be layered up or layered down.  Susukoshi delivers comfort with style.