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130 SEK

The Spell and Rebel coconut bowl is here and we are so exited and we love everything about this product. 

We found the sweetest little coconut farmer in Galle Sri Lanka and he invited us home to see his little workshop and meet his family. He is collecting coconuts from his garden, his brothers garden and his neighbors garden to make his amazing bowls and cutleries. His wife is removing and using all the coconut meat and then the residue is collected in the workshop to be polished and cut in to the perfect shape. 


The coconut shell is 100% natural an only polished with fabric, NO chemicals.

Al of the bowls are unique and one of a kind and if you are handling your coconut with love you can keep it and use for many years. 


The coconut shell is a little sensitive! Dont let your bowl soak in water. to clean it you can hand wash with a little bit of washing liquid and the dry. Nice cream, salad, smoothie bowls and yoghurt is great thing to put in the bowl but keep the bowl away from extremely hot food! 

60 SEK
60 SEK